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Recovery doesn’t require relocation.
At Revival, we want to keep care at home.

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About Us

Revival Home Health Care’s mission is to enable patients to heal and thrive in a community setting while managing a healthier way of life in the comfort of their own homes. Our compassionate and professional nursing and therapy staff provide a wide range of services from pediatric through geriatric care, which includes disease management, medication education, wound care, and more.

We ensure that patients and families receive high quality, cost effective health care at home that will result in better health and well-being. We develop and implement innovative services that enable patients to function as independently as possible, while remaining in the community. We advocate for health care programs that aid in the development of beneficial home and community-based services. Our goal is to enhance the physical and psychological well-being of those we serve.

A partner to facilities

As a Certified Home Health Agency and an Article 28 entity, facilities rely on us to carry care into the community. Working with doctors and social workers directly in the facility, our team delivers care exactly where it’s needed.

A teammate to providers

When a private practitioner or facility discharges patients into our care, they know we give them our all: time, resources, compassion, understanding and expertise. This dedication is what keeps our clients home, with an impressively low rehospitalization rate.

A relief to patients

Rehabilitation goes beyond the physical. Revival is proud to be expert in virtually every aspect of home health care, meeting all clinical, social and psychological needs. Clients recover quicker, grow stronger, feel better and reclaim their independence.


Onsite at:

NYU Langone Hospital

NYU Orthopedic Hospital

NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn

St. Barnabas Hospital

New York Community Hospital

Mt. Sinai – Brooklyn


Affiliated with:


Nursing Homes

Community MDs

Home Visit MDs



Services provided:

Skilled Nursing

PT/OT/Speech Therapies

Caregiver Training

Medication Pre-pours

WOCN Consulting

Wound Care


Home Health Aides

Medical Social Work

Core values

8 ways we supercharge care



Care plans are individualized to each patient, outlining a detailed schedule of services—nothing more, nothing less



We interface with hospitals tirelessly to help accomplish clinical objectives, tailoring programs to their exact specifications



Their home, their health, their choice. Revival staff adapt care to patients’ unique cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds



Through risk stratification and proactive patient monitoring, we minimize costs and prevent rehospitalization



We pride ourselves on the deep, lasting relationships we have cultivated and maintained with New York’s finest facilities



Staff are not only trained in the latest care innovations, they also provide care giver education to help promote recovery



We employ the latest industry tools, including telemedicine for data collection and pill blister packs for reducing prescription errors



From discharge through home reintegration, we promise an easy transition for all: patient, family and caregivers