It’s Your Health, Your Home, Your Choice.

Home health care is not a simple service. It can involve all kinds of different skills: home aid, diagnostics, IV treatments, even chemotherapy and/or radiation. Putting together a team on your own can be a daunting task. Making sure they all work together can be next to impossible.
Fortunately, Revival Home Health Care is expert in virtually every aspect of home health care, including caring for our patients’ social and psychological needs. We manage the team so that everybody is on the same page and patients gets exactly what they need, when they need it. That’s the way home care is supposed to work.
Revival really knows the health care business. After all, we’re already one of New York’s most trusted providers of home health care. Our nurses, therapists, social workers and home health aides are trained to perform their roles with the utmost skill and caring. For us, caring for the sick and elderly is not a business — it’s a sacred mission.
In 1994, Rabbi Jacob Spitzer, a Holocaust survivor himself, founded Revival Home Health Care in response to the aging of the Holocaust survivor population.  Since our inception, we have become an integral part of our community’s health care network, serving as a resource center for health related issues. Our patients turn to us for information and assistance regarding health care coverage and referrals to the best hospitals and physicians. We help them navigate a health care system that can confuse and overwhelm even the most sophisticated patient. It has grown substantially in two decades to become one of the premier home care providers in New York area.
Today, Revival is staffed by professionals who understand and the needs of the Jewish people. The laws of Shabbos, Kashrus, and Tzniyus and the special requirements of the Jewish home, are part of Revival’s staff training. Our staff combines expert clinical skills with an appreciation for ethnic and religious tradition. Many of our professionals are members of the communities they serve. They offer a unique level of comfort to patients and families at their most stressful time.
In all we do, our patients’ needs are top priority. Your concerns are our concerns. Our reputation for excellence and compassion rests on seven core principles:
Our patients receive an individualized Plan of Care that clearly outlines the kind of care you will receive and a detailed schedule of when your aide will provide service in your home.
We promise to provide our patients with the same careful attention and loving care their own families would provide.
Our home care professionals are responsible, punctual, caring and helpful. They will keep your doctor, family and caregivers informed about your progress or changes in your condition.
We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the populations we serve. Our staff is trained to understand the special laws, customs and practices of the Orthodox Jewish population, holocaust survivors and Russian immigrants. Sensitivity to all cultural differences is a hallmark of Revival’s care.
Holistic care
We feel responsible for our patients’ physical, spiritual and mental well-being. We integrate the religious observances of our patients with their health care needs so that neither is compromised.
We assess and evaluate your home environment to ensure that you will be able to recuperate at home safely and comfortably.
Our staff receives continuous education through in-house seminars that present the latest treatment modes and keeps them abreast of innovative trends in home care. We promote recovery and stabilization by educating our patients about how to care for themselves when Revival staff is not present.
Revival stands apart from other home health care agencies because we adhere to the highest standards and principles.

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