Slow healing wounds need long term attention.

Proper wound care in the home is critical to preventing infection and other serious complications.
When patients are discharged from the hospital with slow-healing surgical wounds, or suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes and don’t heal easily, they need specialized care.
Revival’s nursing staff really knows wound care. We assess each patient’s condition and level of activity in order to create an appropriate and effective treatment plan. And then we monitor the patient over the long term to make sure the wound heals properly. Our program includes:
•    Cleaning wounds and changing wound dressings
•    Administering antibiotic therapy
•    Educating patients and caregivers on how to change dressings, monitor healing, manage pain and recognize complications
•    Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) to stimulate tissue growth and heal wounds faster
•    Communication with patients’ doctors
Find out more about our Wound Care program by contacting Revival.

  • A Full Range of Services

    Skilled registered nurses
    Home health aides
    Physical & occupational therapy
    Speech/language pathology
    High tech/infusion therapy
    Medical social service
    Medical supplies & equipment